Risa’s Plot

Risa arrived bright and early to her fathers home while it was still dark outside. Herself and Vasyl had been to dinner the night before and during the meal Kaitlyns suspected pregnancy had been mentioned. Her father had said that he would be visiting the couple today to confirm pregnancy was indeed the cause of the sickness.  

Drysten was running around the house preparing himself for the morning’s rounds and Risa went in search of his medical bag, she had a plan.  

 Finding the bag, Risa looked around carefully confirming she was alone she cautiously opened the bag up, rummaging around inside she found what she was looking for, a small jar of herbs labelled nausea, Drysten was bound to give Kaitlyn some of these, if what he’d been saying was true and she’d been throwing up for weeks.  

Risa withdrew a small paper packet of herbs from the pocket of her dress opening the bottle Carefully she tipped it’s contents into the pocket of her dress, replacing it with the herbs from packet.





 Hearing footsteps getting closer she quickly screwed the lid back on and popped the jar back into the bag smiling “ that should sort the little bookworm out” she thought, of course by sorting her out she meant kill her.   

 Drysten entered the room “ Arh there it is “ he said wandering over to the bag “ ive been looking for that everywhere “ kissing Risa on the cheek her smiles “ you and your mother had fun today I need to get going I’ll see you later.


  Drysten arrived at the Silverhand Manor at around noon, after a quick inspection of Kaitlyn he confirmed that indeed the young woman was with child.  “You must be so please” he said turning to Alistair “have you mentioned it to your father yet “  

Alistair shook his head “ Not yet we wanted it confirming before we spread the news”  

Drysten Nodded “ Your mother will be thrilled at the prospect of her first grandchild I bet “





Alistair chucked “I think there will be a few mixed emotions Im not sure she thinks she old enough to be a grandmother yet, my fathers only just managed to convince her to stop having children of her own.”  

Drysten smiled He’d seen the queen thought most of her pregnancy’s and knew how much the woman loved the feeling. “ Well before I leave I’ll give you some of these herbs I have for Kaitlyn, they should calm her stomach a little, hopefully enough that she stop’s being sick “ Tipping some of the herbs out of his jar into a small bowl. “ just boil about a teaspoon of them in a little water to make a tea for about 5 minutes”  


“Thank you Drysten “ Alistair nodded as Kaitlyn picked up the bowl and started to sniff the herbs.




“ They don’t smell very nice” she complained.  Drysten smiled turning to Alistair “ Do try and get her to drink them, they will help with the nausea “  

Alistair laughed looking at his wife she was poking her finger into the bowl “ Don’t worry doctor ill make sure she drinks them, even if I have to hold her nose and force her “


4 responses to “Risa’s Plot

  1. Ah, evil woman! How could she!

    I hope she doesn’t drink the tea due to it’s taste. Poor girl..

  2. That Risa has got to come to a sticky end surely, she has to be found out and then she will be sorry

  3. Oh no, oh no… and I’ve seen the title of the next chapter too! What a wicked witch that Risa is! I don’t know what good she thinks is going to come out of it, either, unless she plans to kill her husband too. Not that she would hesitate, I think.

  4. Oh no!!! Arg… oh please… I really hope she doesnt take those herbs.

    And doesnt Risa care that her father would get the blame if the queen died.

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