Deadly Tea

“Please Alistair no, it smells vile” Kaitlyn complained pushing the cup her husband was forcing upon her away from her lips.  “Come on Kait, doctors orders “ Alistair insisted.  “ No Alistair really I think I’d rather have the sickness” she said continuing to back up.  

Taking a big mouthful himself Alistair smiled “ See it’s not that bad really, come on kait its for the good of the baby, I bet he’s hungry in there this you throwing all the good food down the toilet”.


 Kaitlyn paused “fine give me the cup then” Alistair handed it over triumphantly watching as Kaitlyn took the tiniest of sips, her face screwed up in disgust “ Eww that’s horrid “ pushing the cup back into his had “ I can’t drink that”.  “Kait “ Alistair looked stern “ Stop being such a baby, it’s practically cold now, “ he said taking another mouthful “ I really don’t know what the fuss is about, It doesn’t taste bad, in fact I think its quite pleasant”.  

“Fine she said snatching the cup from his had, she knocked the drink back in mouthful “ Pulling a horrendous face after the ordeal. “ happy now?” she glared.


Alistair Smiled “ Yes “ kissing her on the cheek he walked out of the room, rather pleased with himself, as he left the room he heard Kaitlyn running again and all to familiar sounds emanating from the bathroom he sighed “ how is the tea supposed to make her better when she can’t keep it in her stomach long enough for it to work he wondered, better get Nancy to put the kettle on again I guess”.

4 responses to “Deadly Tea

  1. Will she have swallowed enough to any harm? I think its Alistair who will show the ill effects, I bet Risa wasnt planning that but I doubt she will be sad if he dies

  2. Looks like Risa’s plan is backfiring horribly. Now Allistair’s going to die and Kaitlyn will throw it up too quickly for it to work!

  3. Nice, the girl’s nausea is saving her from the supposed anti-nausea medication! I just hope Alistair didn’t take enough to have any lasting effects. Maybe just enough to indicate that something is very wrong the stuff…

  4. Oh no!!!! It is too soon for this lovely happy marriage to be torn apart.

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