Enough is Enough

Alistair stood from the table following Kaitlyn to her room “ Kaitlyn we are going talk” he said.  

Are we really? She answered sarcastically.

“Come sit “ grabbing her hand he led her to the small couch in the room. “ I’m not doing this any more, you’ve been playing mind games with me since the day we met, I don’t know if Im coming or going but it is going to stop”.

snapshot_930e9add_d312b6c8.jpg  Kaitlyn began to open her mouth. “No.. don’t say a word I am going to finish” Alistair said sternly. I know you didn’t want an arranged marriage and now its been forced upon you feel you can’t back down, but the simple fact is we are married not and there is nothing either of us can do about it, believe me this marriage was forced upon me just as much as it was forced upon you. “ Kaitlyn stayed quiet

“ I left you last night because I thought you wanted me too, I know I made a mistake and I was giving you time to think about it, decide if you could forgive me, I know you had started to have feelings for me and I know you felt betrayed.  Now I don’t now what to think, you say you are glad I didn’t come to your room but at the same time I get the impression you really had wanted me too, it’s time you where honest with me and stop playing these stupid games because quite frankly Im sick of them and Im not willing to play anymore.  Do you want this marriage to work? If you don’t tell me now at least I’ll know I can stop trying to fix things, but just for the record I do want to try and I think this could work if you gave it a chance.”  So what do you think? Before you answer, think about it I want the truth, should we try? If you need space and time to think about things that fine but be honest with me, no more games.”  

Kaitlyn looked up at Alistair, for a moment he thought she was going to start ranting at him again. She smiled weakly “ I think, I’d like to try and make it work”.


Alistair nodded “ Good “ standing he grabbed hold of Kaitlyns hand pulling her up next to him putting his arms around her waist.  “ so where would you like to start, we could go for a ride?”  

Kaitlyn smiled “or we could start with a kiss and see where that leads us?”


Alistair nodded in approval leaning forward he kissed her, she responded kissing him back. It is not enough to say that the couple did not leave there bed chamber for the rest of the day, much to the amusement of the servants.  Although it is true the couple finally got around to consummating their wedding vows repeatedly in fact, but they also spent a lot of time deep in conversation finally getting to know each other.  

4 responses to “Enough is Enough

  1. Well done that man, I am glad they talked first and sorted things out. I suspect not quite a happy ending yet though with Risa planning in the background

  2. I am so glad she set aside her pride for just a moment! If she had stood against him just then, it might have been catastrophic for their marriage. I was thinking that they will now be happy together but Megan reminds me there is still Risa out there…

  3. Well thank goodness for that =) But Megan and Lothere are right… Risa is still there plotting away with her poor dumb knight.

  4. ~pouts~ I wanted Alistair…
    hehe Ah well, I am so glad they found there way to each other. Kait is quite stubborn, she reminds me of myself sometimes.
    Risa is inconsequential I think, at least they know her so anything she plots would be found out soon.
    I hope.


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