Kaitlyn waits.

It was her wedding night, she was supposed to be lying in the arms of the man she loved not pacing her bedchamber alone. Kaitlyn didn’t know what to think of Alistairs explanation she couldn’t deny it was exactly the kind of mischief she expected of Risa.


 He was supposed to be betrothed to her, the sight of seeing him lying in the arms of another woman was more than her heart could bare, she’d lost count of the nights she’s spent in her room crying re-living over and over that scene in her head. 

She wanted to hate him, she wanted to make him pay for the hurt he had caused her, he’d ruined her dreams of her wedding night. But as she paced she found it more difficult than she anticipated. 

Once the wedding celebrations they had been bought by carriage to their new home, finding the main sleeping chamber he’d made no move to take it from her offering straight away to sleep in the one of the spare room. 

Part of had her hoped he would at least put up a fight, try and take what was now his husbandly right, but he had made no move not even to steal a kiss. Kaitlyn thought back to the day they had first kissed, he’d not taken no for an answer back then and she had to admit she’d never been so aroused.   

Her mother had always said the best thing about fighting with her father was the making up, Her mother and father where passionate about everything, especially each other.  She chuckled recalling seeing them on many occasion’s fight like cat and dog only for them to retire to their bedchamber for hours.


Looking in the mirror she brushed her hair, wearing delicately embroidered nightgown her father had made for her, trying to stay focused. This is what she wanted he deserved to be punished, arrogant pig, let him sleep alone. 

  Just then there was a noise, outside her room. Kaitlyn jumped up her heart fluttering was he coming? Quickly she ran to her bed jumping onto it she picked up her book pretending to read.  But the door did not open and he did not come.

3 responses to “Kaitlyn waits.

  1. I suspected she would be thinking something along these lines. Maybe, possibly, just this once, she can lower her pride enough to go admit she wants him?

  2. IS she allready reconsidering him? Good girl. Now go find your husband, will you!

  3. ~sneaks into Alistairs room~



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