Alistair’s Battle

Alistair sat in the room across the hall from Kaitlyn, he’d decided to give her some space to think things over, but what he really wanted was to rush over there and take her in his arms.


He groaned I’ve made sure a mess of things he thought, she’s never going to forgive me, for all her stubbornness this time she was right to be upset. He’d slept with another woman a one night stand he could barely remember, he wanted to crush the life right out of Risa for the mess she had made.

Perhaps I should go to her room he thought, perhaps if I kiss her again like I did back at the dorm that first time she would return it and the horrible mess that was caused by Risa would be forgotten.  

Rising he headed still in his nightgown to her room, reaching for the door handle he paused. No this is foolishness what I have done cannot be forgiven or forgotten with a kiss. 

His head swam and his heart pounded I wonder what she’d doing in there? She’s probably sound asleep thankful I’ve left her alone he thought reluctantly he turned and headed back to his room.

The next morning Alistair almost choaked on his breakfast “pardon” he said looking towards kaitlyn.


“I sat there waiting all night and you didn’t come” she complained.  Alistair looked dumbly not really understanding what was happening “ I’m sorry” he said  “I was ment to come to your room? I thought you didn’t want me to.” 

“I didn’t want you to come” she snaped. 

 “ ok “ Alistair said raising his eye brow. “So if you didn’t want me to come then why are you upset?” 

“im not upset “ she glared “ im just letting you know that I had been expecting you, i was just surprised you didn’t come”  

“Ok… “ Alistair said causiously “ so I did the right thing then? You said you didn’t want me to come and I didn’t , that’s good then.. right?” 

 Kaitlyn sighed loudly rising from the table “Exactly…. Oh and JUST so you know, I don’t want you to come tonight either”.


Watching her leave Alistair shook his head “ what on earth was that all about he thought, did that mean she did or she didn’t want him to come to her room? “ putting his head I his hands he sighed “ why did things have to be so complicated.  

2 responses to “Alistair’s Battle

  1. Poor old Alastair women are so confusing, I do hope they talk again about what happened and come to an understanding

  2. Alistair you ninny… just go to her room so you can both stop playing this silly game. Her dress is absolutely beautiful btw… where did you find it… also Risa’s dress too.

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