Wedding Day Blues

Alistair had searched for opportunity to speak with Kaitlyn in the days building up to their wedding. However the ceremony was planned a mere 3 days after their return from University and with the chaos in the palace he’d not been able to escape.


He really wanted the marriage to Kaitlyn to go well, since their first kiss in their dorm he’d thought of nothing but his wedding day, some days he could barely eat for thinking of her. He’d always known he was his duty to marry the girl his father chose for him never did he expect love. Yet the knots in his stomach told him perhaps he could have both.


He knew from his long talks with Gabriel, Kaitlyn was opposed to the principle of an arranged marriage, which was the main reason she’d shunned him throughout university. She had always wanted to marry for love, and he really wanted to give her that, but after that day in the dorm he wasn’t sure she’d ever forgive him. The look on her face as she ran from the room had broken his heart; he knew in that instant, that beneath the stubbornness, she had begun to have feelings for him too.


He still wasn’t sure how he was going to explain to Kaitlyn what happen, if he was honest he wasn’t sure what had happened himself, there had to be some kind of drug involved he was sure of that, he knew there was no chance he would have gone near Risa otherwise, however he wasn’t sure how he was going to prove it to Kaitlyn and more importantly get her to forgive him so they could both see past the incident and get on with their lives together.

 The Wedding Ceremony went off without a hitch the cold looks Alistair received from Kaitlyn during the ceremony told him enough to know that Kaitlyn still hadn’t forgiven him, when the ceremony ended and he tried to give her their first kiss as man and wife in front of the entire congregation she’d tilted her head so he’d been forced to kiss her cheek.

At the wedding feast she didn’t say a word to him, even when he commented on how beautiful she had looked all he’d received was an icy glare. She’d excused herself about an hour ago and although Alistair had sent many of the servants off in search of her none of them had found her and Alistair was beginning to worry. Excusing him self from the celebrations he went in search of his wife. Hunting the castle he eventually found her in the chapel, before he even opened the door he could hear her weeping.


Slowly he pushed the open to the door and cautiously entered Kaitlyn looked up from her seat her eyes red and puffy she wiped them quickly and returned her stony exterior.


“What? She snapped

“ I was missing you at the party I came to see if you where ok “ Alistair said walking over to where she sat.

“ I’m fine” she lied “ so you can run back you your party you have many guests to keep occupied”

“ I wanted to speak with you… I’ve tried to come and see you since we returned, I wanted to speak with you before we were wed but I didn’t get chance, about that morning to came to Risa’s dorm”


Kaitlyn rose from her seat “ Well Im feeling much better now, lets return to the party, she said, ignoring his statement she started to head towards the door. ”

Catching hold of her arm Alistair pulled her back “ Please listen to me, if we are to have a loveless marriage then I’ll accept that, but please give me chance to explain some things first”

Kaitlyn stopped and turned to face him “ Im listening”

“I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused you, I know there is nothing, I can say, that will make that pain go away.”

“Pain who said I was in pain” Kaitlyn snapped

Ignoring her Alistair continued, “ Nothing Excuses what you saw that morning, I could give you reason, upon reason, as to why it wasn’t my fault, but I won’t. I accept responsibility for my actions of that evening, I believe Risa drugged me, but I should have been more careful, I should have realised how badly she desired the throne”


“Drugging that’s an origional excuse ” Kaitlyn spat

Alistair continued, to ignore her determined to finish what he had to say “ I know you didn’t want to marry me, I know I have betrayed your trust, but know this.. I want more than anything for this marriage to be happy, I wish you could open your heart just a little give us a chance, see if love can bloom. I swear,  I will not betray you again my heart and my body are now yours alone.



There was a moment of silence as Kaitlyn looked into his eye’s, as if she where looking for the truth within finally she whispered “ I wish I could believe that, I saved myself for the man I would one day marry, hoping that on our wedding night we could finally share something special, something that was for each other alone. I fear to think of how many other girls you bedded in University knowing about Risa is enough, it makes me sick to my stomach, I will never forgive you “ turning she headed out of the door and back to the party.

2 responses to “Wedding Day Blues

  1. Oh, I thought he had her for a minute. But it was clever of him to keep talking even though she appeared not to want to hear it. And now that it has been said, she can think about it on her own time. Hopefully she will see he means what he says and will give him a chance. They will be so cute together. And I still can’t get over how pretty she is in her dress! :-D

  2. Ouch, that is going to be a rough marriage. Let’s hope she turns around once she sees what a good guy she’s got herself.

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