Finding an Explanation.


Drysten wasn’t sure, how he was going to explain, this to the young man standing before him. He stood there staring. Suddenly he woke from his daze as Bellari’s voice called out to him “Dad for goodness sake let Falcon in”.

Hearing his wifes voice Falcon breathed a sigh of relief “ Is everything ok Bella ?”

“Dad” Bellari called again this time Drysten reluctantly opened the door allowing the young man to enter Resse went to follow but Drysten blocked his path “ sorry Resse there will be plenty of time for visiting later”

Resse nodded reluctantly “ are they ok ? he asked Since Falcon’s mother had died in childbirth it always made him nervous Drysten nodded. Smiling Resse headed down the stairs.

Meanwhile inside the room Falcon had greeted his wife with a kiss,  “ looking around the room “ well where’s the baby he asked?”

Bellari nodded towards the side room, Falcon stood eagerly headed towards the door however before he reached the door Drysten had moved to block him.

Looking confused “is there a problem he asked? “

Drysten took Falcon by the arm and guided him to take a seat. Bellari tried to hide her smile as she watched her father sit anxiously trying to find an explanation for the interesting irregularity’s surrounding the birth of his firstborn.

Drysten fidgeted on his seat like a naughty schoolboy. “ Right… the thing is .. “


Falcon glanced over at Bellari who was still trying to hide her smile, unable to stand Drystens suffering any longer talon decided to put him out of his misery “ Drysten I know the child’s not mine so please don’t try and elaborate some explanation for what ever you think you need to explain “

Drysten looked shocked “ erm ok .. that makes things easier I suppose “ standing he headed back towards the side room door. “Take a look for yourself Im not sure how we are going to explain this one”

Falcon curiously opened the door peering inside, a moment later he returned beaming babe in his arms he is beautiful he said handing the baby to Ballari who had managed to pull herself out of bed kissing her tenderly on the lips..


he headed back into the room returning a moment later with a second babe In arm’s,  kissing Ballari again “ Im so proud of you we have been truly blessed a son and a daughter in one day. “


Giving the couple a moment to revel in the newborns he watched Falcon fuss over them, instantly Drysten knew Falcon was going to love the children despite knowing they where not his own. He smiled he’d picked well for his daughter. 

Putting his daughter on the bed he turned to Drysten “ Well I can certainly see what you mean, Im not sure I believe Bellari hide two baby’s in her tiny bump and there is the matter of their colouring but surely there is something we can come up with to explain it?”  Just then he noticed Drysten seemed to be looking right though him spinning Falcon turned back to the bed to find the baby girl floating a clear 3 feet above it.  

“ Tell me Falcon how do you propose we explain that?” Drysten asked.


3 responses to “Finding an Explanation.

  1. Wonderful! :-D I’m so happy for them… Bellari’s all right, and there are *two* beautiful babies with exotic eyes, and Falcon is going to love them… and their childhood is going to be so much fun to read about. ;-)

  2. Hahaha! That’s so cute!

  3. very very cute babeis. I loved Drysten fumbling to explain. And I did get an explanation… it was even in the title of the post =).

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