Kicking and Screaming.

University was over and the four had sailed home Kaitlyn had graduated with honours in Literature, not that it actually mattered she sighed its wasn’t as if she would be ever allowed to do anything constructive with it.


Well at least her father was happy she thought as looked at herself in the mirror standing in her wedding gown. Alistair hadn’t spoken to her since the day she found him with Risa and despite much protesting her parents where going to force her to go thought with the marriage.



 She’d even explained about the day she found him in bed with Risa all her mother could say was that as long as he treated her well she should consider herself lucky, and that she should learn to turn a blind eye to him straying occasionally. 

A tear rolled down Kaitlyn’s cheek she’d really wished her wedding day wasn’t filled with so many mixed emotions, why did he have to ruin things just as he was starting to grow on her.  

 Shaking the thoughts from her head she wiped the tears from her eye’s.  “Well they could make her marry him but they couldn’t make her happy about it” she thought.  

Just then her mother entered the room “aww don’t you look beautiful” she beamed, Kaitlyn glared back. “Don’t do that dear, it will give you wrinkles” she teased.  

Giving her daughter a hug Miriella started to fiddle with the underskirt of Kaitlyn’s dress “ look I know this isn’t the wedding you envisioned, but things don’t always turn out the way we dreamed, Alistair will look after you Im sure, Henrys a good king I know some of that must have rubbed off on his son”


“You don’t know him” Kaitlyn huffed.

Mirriella chuckled “ still as stubborn as ever I see, you could look on the positive, King Henry’s had a beautiful house built for you both “ 

Kaitlyn shrugged ” i thought we would be living in the castle, Alistair being heir and all ”  

Mirriella shook her head, King Henry thought you deserved some privacy besides the house is on the same estate as the castle so you won’t be far away i expect you will move upto the castle once all the royal prince and princess’s have moved out on their own.  

Kaitlyn shrugged again ” Great just what i need alone time with Alistair. I hope the house has spare bedrooms so he had somewhere to sleep.”  

Mirriella chuckled again she was used to her daughters stubbornness, If what Gabriel had told her was correct Alistair was as upset about the incident as Kaitlyn was, so Mirriella was optermistic the young couple would find away to solve their differences.

Kissing her daughter on the forehead she left the room leaving Kaitlyn to her sulking.


4 responses to “Kicking and Screaming.

  1. When will Alastair explain? Where do you get your wedding dresses and veils from they are gorgeous? Did they get to wear them while they get married?

  2. i got the veil from .. it’s a accessory you just add it like you would a pair of glass’s so i set the dress / veil as formal wear and they change into if at the alter.

    i can’t remeber where i got the dress .. eek im really bad like that hehe ill try and dig out the info :)

  3. She is gorgeous in her wedding dress. I hope her same stubborness isn’t going to make her think it’s better to be unhappy than admit someone else was right. But I bet they will turn out happy in the end. ;-)

  4. Wow she looks amazing in her wedding dress… I wouldn’t mind knowing where you got it either if you manage to find out… don’t worry if you don’t… I am so bad with this, I can never remember where I got anything from unless it was quite recently.

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