“Where is she? “ Talon screamed stomping towards Avril.

 Looking rather indignant Avril turned to face the peasant boy who dared to scream at her “Im sure I have not idea what your talking about.”  

“I saw you drag her off into the bathroom so I know you spoke to her. Where is she?” he demanded grabbing Avril’s arm he span her around to face him.

“Get your filthy hands off me, how dare to touch me.” Avril screamed back.  

Drysten had seen this unfold, from the other side of the room, rose from his chair and started to head towards the scene.

 “What did you say to her? One of the serving maids has just told me they saw her flee out of the main gates, I know you had something to do with it, now what did you say to my wife?” Talon screamed.  

Avril looked coolly at the peasant boy standing in front of her “ Im sure I have no idea what on earth your talking about, I didn’t say anything” Drysten approached turning to face she him “ Drysten did you see what he dared to do to me I demand you have him whipped”


 Drysten smiled uncomfortably putting a forceful arm around his wife he led her from the room “ You don’t want to whip our daughters new husband on their wedding night Dear, that’s not exactly going to help matters”

Once out side it was Drystens turn, spinning Avril around roughly “ What the hell did you say to her?” 

 “But.. The boy? He dared…. “ Avril tried to protest but the look in Drysten’s eye told her he wasn’t going to pander to her protests.  

“ Avril shut up about the boy “ Drysten snapped “ You should be glad he’s concerned for her”  

“ But did you see the way he grabbed me “ she whined. 

“Drysten growled “ Avril I swear if you don’t get back on the important point here and tell me what you said to her I’ll do more than grab you pregnant or not.

 Avrils bottom lip began to wobble “ I just told her, what you where supposed, to tell her this morning” 

 “What do you mean you told her? And more to the point how did you tell her? ” He growled.

“ Well I didn’t have time to be delicate about the situation, so I had to be blunt, I just explained the mechanic’s of what she needed to do and told her how important it was that she did it tonight”  

“Blunt … so what you really mean is you terrified her, why couldn’t you leave things to me?”


“ Because you had told her practically nothing at all” lowering her voice she hissed “ Besides she’d already spoken to Talon and he’d promised to take things slowly and if you had forgotten we haven’t exactly got a lot of time to wait”  Drysten sighed deeply “I wish you had at least a little faith in me, I had a talk with Talon myself at the wedding breakfast, I explained Ballari was scared and didn’t really know what to do and asked if he would be gentle with her”  

Avril interrupted “ What if he was so gentle he didn’t go near her at all? What where you planning for then?” 

“Shut up for a minute woman, let me finish. I Also explained that she really wanted to consummate their vow’s on the first night because she wanted to feel like they where truly bonded to one another. I explained that Ballair had gotten it into her head that it wasn’t a really marriage until they had been together. Anyway he seemed to understand and promised me he would be gentle, and would guide her though the process slowly, yes I agree it wasn’t the best way of dealing with the situation, but in case you’ve forgotten it’s not every day I tell me baby daughter she has to lay down with a man.” Drysten explained.  

Meanwhile Talon had left the party grabbing one of Drystens horses from the stable he’d ridden out into the countryside in search of his bride. Talon wasn’t much of a rider he’d never owned a horse of his own, clinging on to the back of the beast he rode as hard as he dared, with no clue as to which way to start hunting first but knowing on foot she couldn’t have gotten far. 

He rode for about an hour riding with no real plan, just knowing that he had to find her. It was still early spring and the air still had winters bite Talon had in his hurry forgotten his jacket so when the rain begain he quickly soaked though his clothes chilling him to the bone.  After searching the outlying fields and wood’s Talon turned towards the mountains, the Beaumont home was in the northern most corner of the Kingdom with the mountains practically as their back garden. Steering the horse towards the mountains he began to head into the foothill’s calling out her name.


He’d been riding for about an hour when the path had gotten to steep for the horse.  Tying the animal to a tree Talon decided to continue on foot, the sun was starting to dip but he had no intention of turning back while Ballari was still missing.  He’d found Ballari’s Vail caught on a tree about a mile back so he knew he was on the right track, cold, wet and aching Talon pressed on.  After about another hour of walking it had gotten dark. The moon was providing the young man, with just enough light to navigate, but in the dark the rough path was hard to follow. Turning the next bend Talon was not quite prepared for the sight that met his eye’s in the distance he could see a large castle built into the side of the rock, he windows lit from within. He stood in gaping awe it was huge far bigger than the castle King Henry occupied. Spurred on by the sight of the castle Talon pressed on, perhaps who ever lived there would know what happened to Ballari. 

After a short while he came to a large gorge, below he could see the river raging, the only way across was a small rope bridge.  Cautiously Talon tested the bridge it seemed secure one foot at a time he began to cross. 

He was about halfway cross the bridge began to sway, not natural movements made by the wind but violent thrashings it was almost as if the bridge had a life of its own and was trying to throw him into the chasm below. Desperately Talon clung to the bridge he could feel his joints ripping and tearing as he was thrown about like a rag doll. Slowly one excruciating movement at a time he dragged himself along the bridge.  

Finally he made it to the safety of the other side collapsing in a heap while he caught his breath, his heart racing he wished at that moment he’d brought a weapon of some kind. Someone or something did not want him here.


Looking over his injury’s his hands where bloodied where the ropes had burnt deep gouges into his them, his shoulder was dislocated and he suspected his wrist was broken. Wearily he struggled to his feet “ I must find her” he thought, “if she’d in there she needs my help” slowly he continued towards the castle.


He’d not gone more than fifty feet further up the path when suddenly something caught hold of his leg tossing him up into the air, desperately he looked for his attacker, it could not be the tree it’s self had come alive vines wrapped tightly around his leg, he reached up trying desperately to free himself from its embrace.

The vines where too tight and with the injury’s to his hands he could not break free, the tree continued to thrash tossing him around suddenly there was a cracking sound as Talons head, hit the cold stone wall hard. He struggled to remain conscious but darkness surrounded him and the world faded away as the tree casually tossed him into the gorge.

2 responses to “Runaway

  1. oh no he cant be dead can he?? This must be where the mystery man lives very intriguing

  2. Oh no… he’s not dead is he? I guess this mystery man has some powerful magic going on.

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