Risa isn’t beaten yet.

 Risa hadn’t counted herself out yet, now matter how badly things looked for her. However the recent events had caused her to look at the problem a little differently, firstly she had to get rid of the interfering little rat Kaitlyn, why Alistair had chosen her Risa simply couldn’t understand.  

She’d hoped her plan to lure him into bed would have caused him to feel duty bound to marry her but he rejected her advance and for that he was going to pay. She was going to make him suffer she would be queen even if she had to kill them all. The plan hadn’t changed all that much it seemed however Alistair would need a little herbal help getting his male hormones pumping and the local witch had provided her with those.


Getting Alistair into bed wasn’t her only goal now she wanted the rat to suffer, Kaitlyn wasn’t too hard to find walking over she smiled “Hello”   Kaitlyn looked nervous she didn’t like her cousin at the best of times and with the current situation she wasn’t sure how Risa was handling things “ Evening is there something I can do for you?  “Yes I was wondering if you wanted to go out for a girls day out tomorrow” Risa Beamed.  Kaitlyn laughed nervously “ Well that’s a surprise, er .. why?”  

Risa shrugged “ Everything’s such a mess kait I feel such a fool I’ve disgraced myself and I just need a friend “


Kaitlyn nodded feeling a little guilty “ ok a day out does sound nice, when do you want to go after breakfast?”  Risa nodded “ sounds wonderful I’ll be in my room just knock when you’re ready to leave. Anyway I really should be going ill see you in the morning”  Alistair was in the common room. Walking over she smiled “ Alistair can I have a word “ 

 Alistair looked up from his study, smiling nervously “ Hello Risa “ 

Risa shuffled “ In private it’s about the other day and as much as I totally embarrassed myself in public I’d rather keep this a little more private” 

 Alistair nodded “ sure where? But we better make it quick Im not feeling so well” Risa smiled the concoction she’d slipped into his drink earlier was already beginning to work.  

 “Is my room ok, I understand if you don’t want to be alone with me right now?”

  “It’s fine, I think I can handle myself” standing he followed her to her dorm.

The next morning Alistair woke, his head was pounding what on earth was that noise suddenly he realised it was someone knocking at the dorm door, Groggily he tried to open his eyes “ come in he called” pulling the blankets up about himself.  

“Well I never” Kaitlyn shrieked “ I always knew you where a pig this proves it “  

“What the hell are you talking about” he yawned trying desperately to wipe the sleep from his eye’s so he could see, just then he noticed something lying in the bed beside him, what’s more he wasn’t in his own room..looking down he found a naked Risa. “What the.. I didn’t.. I mean … Gah .. Risa… He leapt from the bed it was only when he stood infont of Kaitlyn that he realised he too was naked standing in all his glory.


 Kaitlyn didn’t wait for an explanation slapping him hard across the face she burst into tears and raced off down the hall.  

Risa Rolled over “Alistair come back to bed” she purred, “it’s cold I would have never slept with you ive I’d known you stole the blankets”.

“What on earth are you talking about.. I didn’t.. I wouldn’t??” He said panicking.  

 “Alistair what are you saying Last night you told me you loved me? You told me you had always loved me, don’t you remember” looking distressed. 

 Alistair shook his head trying to remember, he vaguely remembers going back to Risa’s room to talk… suddenly the memories came flooding back. Oh NO !!!  He HAD slept with her, going white as a sheet he hurriedly dressed and fled from the room. 

 Risa smiled.

2 responses to “Risa isn’t beaten yet.

  1. What a little witch! Poor Alistair! And it looks like Kaitlyn was starting to have feelings for him after all. I hope he can explain matters to her, and I certainly hope he isn’t hereby obliged to marry Risa.

  2. That cow… I hope they can sort this mess out and I really hope Risa isn’t pregnant because then I guess Alistair will have to marry her.

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