Peace at Last

Gabe had finally convinced Clara he was able to take care of her, and the couple where married that spring. The whole family where thrilled no longer was Gabe like a dad finally he was dad. 

Clara gave up her life and business in favour of a new and more respectable one. Gabe kept promising her that he had them means to take care of her but she still worried about how she was going to take care of the children if she wasn’t working. 

Gabe however had been keeping a tiny secret, in all the time she’d known him he’d never mentioned exactly how well off he was, after the wedding the small family got into his cart and headed to their new home. 

 snapshot_52e353a4_73055f89.jpgIt was huge in comparison to the cabin from which she had conducted business, with plenty of grounds for the children to play, As Clara watched Gabe chase Deonte around the grounds she wondered exactly how many children she would be raising. 

snapshot_52e353a4_b30561aa.jpg  Clara laughed as she watched the Children play she had also been keeping a little secret, lightly patting her swollen belly, for the first time Clara was expecting a baby who not only would know it’s father but would grow up with both parents paying attention to it’s needs.

3 responses to “Peace at Last

  1. Awww, how sweet I hope they get a long time together

  2. How wonderful! I hope Gabe isn’t as old as he looks, and they are able to have many happy years together.

  3. What a wonderful “tiny” secret. :) Great twist to the story.

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