A Wedding Night to Remember

Ballari woke in a darkened room; she panicked the last thing she remembered was running out of the gates of the estate.  

The room was large, she was lying in a very ornate bed, and was no longer in her wedding gown. She touched the fabric she’d never seen anything like it, it was beautiful but where was she and how had she got here?




 In the corner she could see a fireplace the flames roaring within, as she began to sit she saw a figure sitting, in one of the armchairs next to the first begin to stand “ where am I” she stammered as the figure moved towards her


 As he came into light she recognised him as the man from her dreams she gasped shaking her head “ please .. please don’t hurt me” trying to hurriedly scramble out of the bed. 

 The man smiled “Don’t be scared Ballari, I won’t hurt you I promise.” He rested his hand on her shoulder easing her back into the bed “ you shouldn’t move you took quite a knock to the head, you need rest”  

“Who.. who are you” Ballari stammers “ how did I get her?” 

 “I am Tarik Darkfire and you are safe at Darkfire castle, you have no need to fear me”. He spoke softly his voice almost musical. 

 “And how did I get here?? I need to go home, my family will be worried “  

“Im not sure I can answer that, for how you got here is just as much as mystery to me as it is to you I found you in the forest”. Putting his hand to her head “ yes the wound has healed nicely


Ballari touched her head, it was indeed a little tender “How long have I been here?? My husband will be worried, my father?” 

“Only a few hours don’t worry, you will go back to your family soon enough but right now you need to rest. Can I get you something to eat?” 

Ballari shook her head “ No Im not hungry, I just want to go home……”.

4 responses to “A Wedding Night to Remember

  1. Oh… wow! He seems gentle here (though “Darkfire” is not a promising name) but if he’s really the father of her baby then he’s one creepy fellow. And please don’t let Falcon die! I like that guy. He’s the man Ballari needs.

    I love this supernatural twist in your story by the way.

  2. Whoa, he’s good-looking! But why is he acting so nice now? He was terribly creepy before.

  3. I still think he looks creepy… there is something a bit cold and unfeeling about him.

  4. Oooh…the deceptively beautiful villain who stole the young beauty’s virginity…
    I like it! {^_^}


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