Crazy Women.

Please Be aware the following post my have picky’s of rudie bits in it .. please avert your eye’s if your sensitive  


“GRRR Kaitlyn you are the most infuriating woman I have ever met” Alistair Growled.  

Kaitlyn crossed her arms stubbornly “ why because I don’t trail you around like every other woman in the land or perhaps because I’d rather not sacrifice my studies to go off gallivanting”


 “ Im not asking you to sacrifice your studies Im after one afternoon of your time so we can go for a picnic it’s a beautiful day and I can not believe for two seconds that your not already so far head on your work load that you put the rest of us to shame”.  

“ I said … I didn’t have time “ she growled back.


 “Fine” Exasperated Alistair threw his arms up in the air turning to face the wall before he punched something. Taking a deep breath to calm himself “ what about next week?”  

Kaitlyn raised an eyebrow “ sorry Im going to be busy then too “ turning she walked into the dorm and slamming the door behind her. Inside she smiled that will teach him she thought serves him right the arrogant pig, thinking he can get any woman he want simply because he’s the heir to the throne.

  Walking over she picked up her book and sat down to read but her quiet was not undisturbed for long. A few minutes later Gabriel enters the room shaking his head “ Kait what on earth have you done to Alistair, he’s positively fuming” 

 “ Serves him right” she chuckled “he should take a hint when I girl say’s no it generally means no.

 “ Gabriel shook his head “Your awful, the poor guy only want to get to know you its not like he’s asking you to marry him “   “Can’t you speak to him tell him Im not interested?” she asked. “ Besides he has Risa he doesn’t need two girls “ 

“Don’t be stupid Kait , he doesn’t like Risa frankly I think she creep’s him out “  

Kaitlyn laughed “ Im not surprised she has gotten a bit scary.” 

“Anyway back to the point” Gabriel said throwing a pillow at his sister; he’s a nice guy you should give him a chance would one date kill you? Hell I think he’d settle for one conversation”


“ You know how I feel on the whole matter I don’t know why your even asking me this, its just wrong I want to marry someone I choose not someone who gets forced upon me “

“EXACTLY, that’s exactly the reason you should talk to him, You know it can’t be easy for him, he’s got so much pressure on him, he’s got to choose himself a wife, with so much at stake if he doesn’t choose you our father is threatening all sorts, if he doesn’t choose Risa there a consequences and all the poor guy really wants is to finish school with a passing grade. 

  Kaitlyn shook her head “the fate of the kingdom is hardly my problem”  “Gah” Gabriel threw another pillow “Alistair’s right you are infuriating, come on lets go and get lunch”. 

 Meanwhile on the other side of the building Alistair had hit even more trouble, trying to calm after his meeting with Kaitlyn he’d retreated to the comfort of his dorm, however upon opening the dorm room he found a rather naked Risa lying on his bed.  

“Gah” He exclaimed turning to face away “ what in hells name is going on am I surrounded by insane women.


“ Don’t you like what you see “ Risa purred Getting up from the bed she walked over to Alistair “ I thought it was time for us to take our relationship to the next level “  

“ Relationship?? Next Level?? We are friends Risa and even if there was more to it than that.  THIS is certainly too much too fast “ Alistair cringed as rubbed herself against his back Spinning he grabbed her by the arms trying not to look below her face “ For godsake put some clothes on and try to remember you are a lady “


Risa’s Face contorted in rage “ How dare you refuse me!!! I come here offering you all my love how dare you refuse it?? “ 

Grabbing Risa’s discarded garments Alistair threw them at her he was in no mood for this today. Still naked he shoved her out of the door into the busy corridor where both Gabriel and Kaitlyn where walking past.  “This is not love Risa , what you are offering is sex and I want no part of it “ he shouted.

Turning to face Kaitlyn “ You might be stubborn as an Ox you may refuse to speak to me but at least your not a crazy woman. You have 2 choices get to know me now, or get to know me once we are married because THAT !!!!!!!!  “ pointing towards Risa,  desperately trying to scurry still naked down the corridor “ Is going NO –WHERE near the throne, turning he retreated back into his room slamming the door behind him.

4 responses to “Crazy Women.

  1. THAT!!!! *pointing up* was hilarious. Poor Risa, being shoved out into the corridor naked! Serves her right, though.

    I think will Alistair and Kaitlyn will be very happy together… ;-)

  2. Hehe… I love Alistair “Gah I’m surrounded by crazy women”. He really is poor guy.

  3. OMG! I toatlly loved that. I adore Alistair. Can I marry him?! {^_^}


  4. OMG!!!! hahaha, that was hilarious!! I just started reading a couple days ago. THis blog is really good, i can’t tear away from the computer!!!! Serves Risa right!! Where is her lady-hood???

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