Avril gets involved

The ceremony went off without a hitch and the celebrations began. Ballari felt much better she’d spoken with talon a little over the wedding feast and he seemed quite nice,  he’d told her all about the tavern and as much as it sounded like life was going to change drastically for the young girl she began to feel a little more confident that she could handle it.

Later that evening she finally found her mother sitting in a quiet corner, Avril smiled as her daughter approached “ you look better dear” she said. 

“ Thanks I feel better now, Talons not so bad” Ballari answered smiling nervously.


“Did your father speak with you this morning?”   “ you mean about the wedding night?” the young girl asked.  Avril Nodded “ Yes dear, did he explain why it was important?”  

Ballair looked a bit confused “ To be honest Im not sure what he was going on about he just said I should let Talon do what ever he wanted and that it was normal”

Avril shook her head “ I knew I shouldn’t have left it to your father “

Quickly Ballari cut in “Oh don’t worry about it mother I’ve already spoken to Talon about it and everything’s going to be fine”  

Avril looked concerned “ what do you mean to spoke to Talon??”  

Ballari smiled clearly pleased with herself “ its ok Talon said it ok for us to take things a bit slowly and that he didn’t need to get intimate on the first night”  

NO!!!!” Avril screamed a little more loudly than she would have liked, quickly she grabbed her daughters hand and dragged her to the privacy bathroom.  

Once inside she turned to her daughter “Ballari it’s very very important that you and Talon consummate your vows tonight” 

 Ballari looked confused tears trickled down her cheeks “ But I don’t understand why? Talon said we didn’t need to till I was ready”  

Desperately Avril looked for an answer that would satisfy her young daughter “ Because if you don’t your not properly married in the eye’s of god that’s why.  Its part of the holy union between a man and woman.”  

Tears now flowed freely down Ballari’s cheeks “ but Talon said it was ok”


Avril looked disgusted “ well he is only a peasant dear I wouldn’t dwell on it they are a little bit dim”  

Ballari looked shocked “ Yes mother and now Im a peasant along with him, do you think so badly of me now?”  

Don’t be silly girl the point is you listen to me and not him; you’ve made a total mess of things now with your childish fears. Your not the only girl in the world to be scared on her wedding night you know??” 

Ballari sobbed, “ Sorry mother I didn’t mean too “  

“ It’s ok now wipe away those tears it’s not to late to fix it. Tonight when you go back to the tavern you need to make sure you and Talon make love do you understand me?”


 “ But mother.. “ 

  Before she could finish Avril roughly shook her “ DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? “ 

“ Yes mother, but I don’t know what to do?” 

Avril sighed “ Really girl it’s very simple… “ and spent the next few minutes explaining the mechanic’s of love making at the end of it she turned to Ballari “ now do you understand what you need to do?”   Ballari nodded weakly “ Yes mother “  

“ Now remember you must do this if you don’t you’ll be condemning yourself and your whole family to hell you don’t want that DO YOU??” Avril glared.  

Ballari shook her head tears still rolling down her cheeks.  “GOOD “ Avril nodded determinedly “ now clean yourself up dear you look terrible you can’t allow yourself to be seen outside like that”  leaving her daughter in tears on the bathroom floor.

3 responses to “Avril gets involved

  1. With mothers like that who needs enemies! Poor girl just when she was starting to feel better about the whole business but then if she knew the real reason maybe she wouldnt go through with it she seems honest

  2. Yikes! I guess they should have left it with her father’s explanation after all. Now she’ll be scared again.

    I wonder whether she’ll explain this to Falcon, and what he’ll say. And whether she’ll even believe him, since he’s so “dim”.

    More updates, please! :-D

  3. Wow! Talk about scary mothere… sheesh woman! No wonder the poor girl is so fragile. I can’t believe she told her she would be condemning the whole family to hell… that’s a big weight for such frail shoulders to carry.

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