Defrosting the Ice Queen

Alistair was confused, he was supposed to be getting to know Kaitlyn and Risa while he was at university, but Kaitlyn wouldn’t go near him and Risa wouldn’t leave him alone.  Risa had been fine at first but after 3 years of being with her he found her to be very irritating, she was a spoiled brat that much was clear, but there was something more, she’d started to nag him it wasn’t over anything particularly she nagged at everything he did. And there was something almost cruel about her, he’d observed her on a number of occasions doing and saying things to the other students that made him distinctly uneasy.  

Kaitlyn was another matter entirely she was some quiet she rarely interacted with the other students and Alistair wasn’t sure but got the distinct impression she hated him, every time he entered a room she made an effort to leave as quickly as possible. Alistair got on well with her brother Gabriel and the two had become fast friends but he had learnt practically nothing about Kaitlyn since he’d arrived.


snapshot_92ff3a7b_d3082097.jpg  One evening Alistair and Gabriel where sitting in the dinning room eating their evening meal when Alistair decided to consult his friend about his twin sister. “ Gabriel what’s with your sister ? why does she hate me?”  

Gabriel chuckled “ she doesn’t hate you, she doesn’t even know you what makes you think that?”  

Alistair shook his head “ haven’t you noticed every time I enter a room she leaves as quickly as possible?” 

 Gabriel smiled “ I wouldn’t worry about it it’s nothing against you, its our father she’s rebelling against not you “  

Alistair looked quizzically “ I don’t understand?”  

“ Before we came our father told Kait she was to do everything in her power to impress you, I would imagine Risa got the same conversation from her father which is why she trails you like a lost puppy, anyway Kait hate the idea of having an arranged marriage she’s a bit of a romantic really, she wants a knight in shining armour to come and whisk her away, not a marriage of convenience”  

Alistair nodded “ I understand, but why does she avoid me completely, perhaps she could do both? If she got to know me she might find we do like each other and then perhaps when we got home and our parents decided to make us betrothed it wouldn’t be so bad, your father and she could be happy?” 

Gabriel laughed “ Exactly!!!! That’s what she’s scared of”  Alistair looked confused “ she scared of finding she likes me?” 

“ Yeah “ Gabriel nodded “ she can’t very well continue to protest about the fairness of arranged marriages if she finds out our father was right all along and you two are made for each other”

snapshot_92ff3a7b_b30820ff.jpg  Alistair turned back to his food sighing, “ ill never understand women, well what do you suggest? I was given orders by my father too. Im going to be expected to choose one of the girls on our return and I can’t very well choose when I don’t even know your sister.“ 

Gabriel shrugged “ I dunno, Kaits stubborn she’s not going to talk to you willingly that’s for sure, you’re the crowned prince if you can’t make her talk to you and don’t know who can.”

2 responses to “Defrosting the Ice Queen

  1. Very clever of Gabriel: “she can’t very well continue to protest about the fairness of arranged marriages if she finds out our father was right all along and you two are made for each other” I guess Kait would rather be right than happy! :-D

  2. I notice that Gabriel doesn’t seem to be chasing after the women at university (or maybe he is and we just haven’t heard about it yet). Maybe he really is staying faithful to Helena.

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