Plots Thicken

Kaitlyn sat on her bed, staring at the walls Her father was upto something she just knew it, she couldn’t go near him these days without him commenting on how she looked or what she wore, of how ever so proud of her he was. He kept giving her these big lectures on lady like behaviour and etiquette.


 Then there where these secret meeting him and her mother where having, getting all dressed up and going out for hours at a time, they socialised a lot but these where different they wouldn’t tell her where they were going and they made a huge fuss for her before they left. Yes they where defiantly up to something, she just had to work out what. Thank god she’d been leaving for university soon she couldn’t cope with this for any longer. She was being driven out of her mind.

Her brother was up to something too, he was easier to work out though it was bound to be a girl, it usually was but this time it was different, he seemed more on edge than usual, normally he was terrible at keeping his love interests secret, but this time she couldn’t work out who it was, every time she’d ask him about it he’d got bright red, definitely not like him.

Oh well she thought soon they would be off to university and the madness would end, at least until they returned, then there mother and father would set about finding them both someone to marry she dreaded that day.How terribly unromantic she thought being paired up based on politics’, she just prayed her mother had the sense to find someone nice for her, someone who stimulated her mind and didn’t insist on her randomly popping out baby’s. 


 She defiantly didn’t want to be following in her mother’s footsteps who was currently working on her 5th child. She’d only given birth too her baby sister Sophie a year ago and was pregnant again, no defiantly not she thought, one or two at most.

Just then Gabriel walked into the bedroom they shared, looking dishevelled Kaitlyn shook her head “What on earth happened to you? Gabriel who oviously hadn’t seen his sister jumped “ erm..  nothing why? 

“ you look positively terrible, like you’ve been dragged though a hedge” she laughed

Colour flooded to Gabriels cheeks as he quickly began to change into his nightclothes “ are mother and father back yet ? “ he asked.

Kaitlyn shook her head “ not yet “ there was a pause “ so you going tell me who this girl you’ve been seeing is?  Or do I have to give to a beating till you tell me” Gabriel shook his head and hurried out of the room, Kaitlyn just laughed she’d get it out of him eventually.

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