A Fathers Headache


For the most part Aldun and Miriella’s life was simple and uncomplicated, the twins had grown into fine teenages, Peter was doing well at school and they had added a new baby Sophie to the family.


Alduns Tailoring business had done well and with the profits he’d been able to buy a small shop art shop, selling sculptures, paintings and tapestries made by the locals.  He hoped to continue buying business’s until he had one to give to each of his children as a wedding gift.  

Right now all Aldun had to worry about was getting the twins the university and then sorting out their future spouses, The King and the Nobles had all sat down and agreed to send their children off to University in groups, the journey across to the mainland and took a ship several weeks, it wasn’t as perilous as the trip they had all made to get to Grimstead but it was expensive and troublesome enough they didn’t want to do it too often. By sending them in groups they would be able to cut the trip down to once every few years. 

Unlike many fathers sending his daughter way to university he wasn’t worried about her, Kaitlyn had a good head on her shoulders and had made it quite clear that she had every intention of focusing on her studies and that boys where a distraction she could do without.


Gabriel however was going to cause Aldun a headache or ten he just knew it. He’d grown into quite the lady’s man and Aldun worried, the last thing he needed was some lord from another kingdom complaining Gabriel had gotten his daughter in the family way.  He’d tried to talk to his son on many occasions but every time he felt his words where falling on deaf ears.

Aldun as yet had made no definite plans for the future of either of the twins in regards to future spouses.  Gabriel was probably not going to be a problem, the king had 3 daughters, they where all significantly younger than Gabriel, so he wouldn’t be able to marry upon his return from university however Aldun was confident the king would allow an arrangement to be made when the girls where of age. 

Kaitlyn however was another matter entirely, there was only one boy she was not directly related too in the kingdom of suitable blood, and he was the future heir to the throne.  Undoubtly both the Vaux’s and Beumonts had there sights set on him as a husband for their eldest daughters as well. The Vaux girls where still young children, so they weren’t much of a threat. He doubted the king would make Alistair wait for one of those.  

However Drysten’s Daughter Risa was the same age as Kaitlyn, and the Baumonts had a greater family history than his, so she could pose a definite threat.  He’d brought the subject up in polite conversation with Henry, but Henry had brushed him off saying that Alistair had pick of the litter, and that he was more than happy for Alistair to pick his own bride from any of the noble families.


Risa , Kaitlyn and Alistair would be sent to university in the same group so that was Kaitlyns chance to impress him, Aldun needed to come up with a plan and this was one time he wished his daughter had the slightest interest in boys.      

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